Signia Insio Range

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A practically invisible natural hearing experience

Tailor-made for the most discerning wearers, Signia’s new Insio™ Nx delivers a more natural sound with maximum discretion.

Equipped with Ultra HD e2e for superior wireless binaural processing – including as a small CIC with a single microphone – Insio offers crystal clear sound and unrivalled speech understanding even in very noisy environments.

New smaller components offer potential advantages for fittings in tighter ear canals.

Key features

  • Ultra HD e2e for superior speech understanding and a most natural sound
  • Small size up to high power matrix
  • Full wireless and remote control options for all models
Tags: mild to moderately severe,ITE (Inside-the-ear),ITC (in-the-canal),CIC (completely-in-the-canal),Signia Hearing Aids
Colours & Size:
Signia Insio size in centremetres
Signia Insio Hearing Aid Size