Signia active pro and active canal

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Signia Active Pro

This high-end option offers ideally tailored sound for your personal hearing needs. Whether you are in a crowded street, working in an open-plan office, or dining in a busy restaurant, wherever there’s a high level of ambient noise, holding a conversation requires concentration and effort. Signia Active Pro tackles these challenges expertly with true-to-life sound.

Signia Active

The starter version delivers equally clear sound and speech comprehension and adapts to all situations in your life. So you hear what matters to you. All day long, in every situation.

Fits you instantly

Signia Active Pro is ready to wear like any set of earbuds and sits comfortably with sleeves to match every ear.

Now you can stroll through life safe in the knowledge that you have these little high-tech buds to hand when the acoustics get rough or you want to take a phone call and listen to music on the go.

Tags: mild to profound,mild to moderately severe,moderately severe to profound,ITE (Inside-the-ear),Signia Hearing Aids
Colours & Size:

White and Rose Gold, Black and Silver, All Black.