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About the ear

A journey through from outer to inner ear

Outer Ear

Be aware of any skin abnormalities and consult your GP if you notice anything unusual.

Bowl of the Ear

Mostly skin problems which become more relevant when wearing ear moulds.

Wax Glands

At the entrance to the ear canal, these are enemy number 1 for hearing aid wearers! Always try to keep your ears clean (preferably not with cotton buds).

Ear Canal

Most problems here are caused by wax or eczema which can cause infections and should be referred to a GP.

Ear Drum

These can be scarred from previous infections affecting the hearing or they could have perforations or grommets. This is a GP or hospital referral and should be mentioned at the time of consultation.

Middle Ear

Although rare in today’s world because of good medication, a mastoid cavity could be part of your history and must be mentioned at the time of consultation.

Middle ear bones can be dislocated through a fall or a hard hit to the head which gives an apparent total deafness even though the cochlear is not affected.

The Stapes

The stapes (smallest bone in the body) can have hereditary problems, problems caused by wear and tear or problems that occur out-of-the-blue. These are for GP referral and can now be resolved with teflon replacements.

Inner Ear

Most problems here are due to the wear and tear of the little hairs which carry incoming sound to the nerves going to the brain.


These hairs can be damaged by sound, toxic drugs, childhood illnesses and fluid infections which can also relate to balance problems.

Auditory Nerve

Occasionally there can be damage to the auditory nerve which can be either genetic or acquired.

What our customers say about us

Both my wife and I have bought hearing aids from Robert some time ago, very professional with testing and excellent after sales service, nothing is to much trouble. Thank you Robert and your team.

Ruth & Tony Berry.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Robert for all he has done for me and my wife, Linda. You have gone out of your way to visit and reassure us with total professionalism and expertise.

Stuart & Linda

Since having my new hearing aid fitted my tinitus has greatly improved. I could not recommend The Private Hearing Aid Company highly enough.

Mrs S Waldie, Morecambe

My new hearing aid has enabled me to enjoy the television and radio; it has allowed me to realise what I was previously missing out on.

Mr J Waldie, Morecambe

I was well advised and well attended to and the outcome has given me a better life. It is a joy and a pleasure to recommend this company.

Chris Tattersall

A word from our specialist:

Robert Hood RHAD – Hearing Care Professional

Being an Independent Hearing Aid Audiologist I am able to offer a very large range of Signia Hearing Instruments. This ensures that my clients have a maximum choice of selection and price.

All hearing tests are free and without obligation, and entirely confidential. Only by having a hearing test can we ascertain whether you are a candidate for a hearing aid or not. Any aid supplied by us carries a 30-day written satisfaction or money back guarantee.

Being an independent company means we can offer the very latest technology to suit your own specific needs, including television and radio amplifiers, tinnitus maskers, customised aids, loud or vibrating alarm clocks, shake wake alarm clocks, travel alarm clocks, telephone amplifiers, vibrating flashing alarm watches with neon lights, bone conduction and spectacle hearing aids and much much more.

Our repair service to customers old and new is fast and efficient for most types of hearing aids. We know only too well how a hearing aid is missed when something goes wrong or if it needs cleaning or servicing.

Batteries can be bought in any of our hearing aid centres or by post from us direct. Our clients also make savings by the use of battery voucher books or buying by the box.